Good creative activities and sharing regular good habits tips for child and parents both.

Mr Paun

It is the best preschool for kids. My child learns very quick. Thank you Playshaala.

Mr Mahesh Prasad

No place can beat this place for my child. I am so happy for it, so caring and loving staff here.

Mrs Vaghela

Great Experience and Nice activity. We are very happy. Thank you Playshaala.

Mr Savaliya

Good work, Nice activity and environment. I am so happy for my child. Thanks Playshaala.

Mrs Anal Patel

Wonderful activities. Playshaala is very nice, I am so happy for my child. Thank you Playshaala.

Mrs Gopani

My boy is very active and learning good things here. हम सभी स्टाफ से संतोष करक है.

Mrs Mavadiya