12th April

Thank you note: Many of our parents have come forward with their collected money from their food stall to contribute towards some noble cause. However, it is not compulsory, it is absolutely voluntary for everyone. First we would like to applaud all the parents for such a noble thought and On behalf of Playshaala family, I would like to thank them for their contribution. So far we have received contribution from Jesal Vyas, Param Thobhani, Tvisha Vyas, Jaksh Dattani, Itish Kanani, Khanak Pindariya, Harit Mavadiya, Jinal Paun, Smitraj Vaghela and Kia Lal.

We thought about quite a few ideas and  narrow it down to couple of ideas:

  • Love the Nature : Get a sapling for all playscholars and give them the responsibility to take care of it during vacation and so on.
  • Narayan Seva : We can organise a field trip with parents and can offer a food to Needy children.

I also like to welcome you all for any creative suggestion in order to use this contribution for some noble cause that can also be an important learning for our children too.


We are celebrating JuniorChef competition at Playshaala khambhalia. This year’s theme is Cooking with Kids. #LetsMakeitTasty


Event Date: 24th March 2019 

Event time: 6 pm Onwards

 Venue: Playshaala Khambhalia

Event Updates


Event Photographs – #theMemoryLane 


What a Josh! Simply floored by the involvement of the parent #FullJoshatJuniorChef


How’s the Josh? #PlayshaalaFamily

Junior MasterChef


Parent’s General Meeting at 12:00 PM – To clarify if any of you have any query regarding the event – #SayHi


Participant List for competition #JuniorChefs

Participant Name Grade
1 JuniorChef Jinal Nursery
2 JuniorChef Priyansh Pre-Nursery
3 JuniorChef Kiyansh Pre-Nursery
4 JuniorChef Jesal Pre-Nursery
5 JuniorChef Tvish Pre-Nursery
6 JuniorChef Param Pre-Nursery
7 JuniorChef Kia Pre-Nursery
8 JuniorChef Madhav Nursery
9 JuniorChef Khanak  Pre-Nursery
10 JuniorChef Anaya Pre-Nursery
11 JuniorChef Jaksh Pre-Nursery
12 JuniorChef Dhruv Pre-Nursery
13 JuniorChef Smitraj Nursery
14 JuniorChef Jaismika Nursery
15 JuniorChef Yuvraj KG-I
16 JuniorChef Itish Pre-Nursery
17 JuniorChef Rudra KG-I
18 JuniorChef Harit Nursery
19 JuniorChef Aarya Pre-Nursery
20 JuniorChef Jaimin KG-I
21 JuniorChef Divyansh Nursery
22 JuniorChef Hrishita Nursery
23 JuniorChef Daksh Pre-Nursery


Event Registration deadline for Participants. #EventRegistration


Event Rules and Information.



Playshaala MasterChef 2019 – Invitation to Playshaala Family #PlayshaalaJuniorChef2019

Master Chef

#LetsMakeItTasty – Cooking with Kids

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