Update 10: Pictures of Grand finale – 7th June

First of all, We would like to congratulate all the participant and their parents for the effort, encouragement and enthusiasm shown towards the each stage of the contest.  The involvement in your child’s early years was quite apparent and it was hearting to see it. We firmly believe parents and educators are partners in children’s growth and development. We would also like to thanks all our judges Mrs. Brindaben Barchha, Mrs Falguniben Mankad, Mr. Bhaveshbhai Gohel and all playshaala team to make this grand finale successful. 

Special Award Winners


Toddler group video clips

Creative Art –  for Higher group

Indian Cultural Show for Pre Group 

Prize Distribution and closing ceremony 

Update 9 : Pictures of Round – 2 – Doctor checkup – 4th June

We at Playshaala Khambhalia, would like to convey our special thanks to Dr. Rajubhai for his valuable time and immense support for Playshaala children. I would also like to thank parent as seeing the involvement of the you with child was simply heartening. 

Update 8 : Info on 3rd Stage – 3rd June

Dear Parent,


Yesterday, it was wonderful seeing you all actively involved in your child’s healthy baby competition. Further, I would like to inform you regarding 3rd Stage of the competition.

There will be three categories:

6 months to 24 months–  One 30 Seconds video clip

Submit by 5th June (Wednesday)

Please Note: Late entry won’t be accepted.

2 yrs to 4 yrs    Fancy dress – Representation of the Indian culture from Various states  – (For example: You can dress your child as per the selected culture, can use prop, may be learn to say few lines if possible)

Date : 6th June (Thursday) – time 6pm.

4 yrs to 6 yrsCreative Art – coloring a picture – feel free to stretch your imagination in making it the best possible creative art.

Date – 6th June (Thursday) – time 9:15am

Please note: Every participant will get one hour only.

Feel free to contact if any query.

Kind regards and thank you,

Playshaala team

Update 7: Gentle Reminder for 2nd Stage of Competition – 31st May

Dear Parent,


The second stage of Doctor Checkup is arranged on 2nd June (Sunday) – timing 10 – 12:00 pm at Playshaala, Khambhalia. So please be on time.

Kind regards and Thank you, Playshaala team

Update 6: Gentle Reminder – 29th May

Dear Parent,


This is a gentle reminder. Tomorrow it is the last day of first stage of Healthy baby competition. So Hurry up parent and try to score maximum points to support your child in winning “the most healthy baby trophy”.

First Round Point System

Kind regards,

Playshaala Team

Update 5: The Most popular face of the competition – 26th May

It’s great to see the efforts parents are putting to support their child in the Healthy baby competition. As a result, The Most popular face of the competition(the child who will receive highest number of likes (2 points) and shares (1 points) combined) will receive a special award. So, Keep it up and Make your child win this award.

A winner is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Please note: The second stage of Doctor Checkup is arranged on 2nd June (Sunday) – timing 10 – 11:30 at Playshaala, Khambhalia.

Update 4: Registration Date over – 26th May

Dear Parent,


Just to remind you, the registration date is over. We won’t be accepting registration anymore. It also means, you all have only 5 days left in completion of first round (30th May 2019). End of 30th May, we will stop counting so Hurry up and support your child in Healthy baby contest 2019.

Kind regards,

Playshaala Team

Update 3: Countdown Begins……..7 Days left – 23rd May

Dear Parent,


It is great to see many children and parents are doing wonderfully well in the first stage of Healthy baby contest. Just to remind you, the FB counting of likes and shares of the provided Playshaala link will end on 30th May (7 days left). Hence, Hurry up parents  🏃‍♂🏃‍♀, support your child and make them earn maximum points in the first round.

Please let us know if you have any query.

Kind regards,
Playshaala Management

Update 2: First Stage Point System  – 21st May

First Round Point System

Update 1: Contest Process Map – 14th May

Healthy Baby Contest

Contest Announcement – 8th May


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