I just like to take this chance to offer my humble gratitude to my playshaala family who has been nothing but wonderful, helpful and at times truly inspiring. The time Playsholars spend with us, I see them blossoming and learning so much that it is simply an amazing feeling, overwhelming at times.  I want my playscholars and their parents to know that their time and involvement in playshaala is extremely precious and that I valued every bit of it.

I want to promise my playscholars and their parents that this is just the beginning of a marvelous journey and new horizons are waiting for them to explore more things in the coming years. I do know, eventually, our playscholars will move on to new journeys but I want playscholars to make sure that when they move away from Playshaala, they will take away many accomplishments and fond memories that we would shared with them in Playshaala. 

Every year, we might change up the order or layout or scale of the events but what will be the same this year and every year will be the focus of our celebration of all facets of life. The focus is always on the accomplishments my students made throughout the year and the great things that are ahead waiting for them. We want to cherish and celebrate all these special moments with all of you.

Thank you, everyone, for making the1st year stupendous experience. 


Each of our playscholars receiving a certificate for completing a year in Playshaala.


Last year’s Memory Lane!


“You cannot change your FUTURE, you can change your HABITS. And surely your HABITS will change your FUTURE”     ― Dr. Abdul Kalam

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