Encouraging children to share through hands-on, cooperative activities is a great way to create teachable moments and help your preschooler learn this essential social skill.

First we would like to thank the Principle of Taluka shala-4 and their staff for allowing Playshaala student the opportunity to initiate this donation drive with their students and Special thanks to Mr. Jaiminbhai patel in helping to coordinate this drive. We would also like to thank all the Parents for their active participation in this drive with such a great enthusiasm, we received a lot more items than we anticipated so well done, Keep it up!

How Do you teach your children to Be Responsible towards society?

Involving semi-urban school children in the process of helping their underprivileged counterparts can lead to some truly amazing experiences. Playshaala khambhalia’s school to school drive will help create an environment of social awareness and development, starting from the young age.

What is education all about?

To make our children understand life. As someone said, “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.” This is a simple narration of some simple ways kids are getting involved to understand the challenges of the world they are going to inherit. With the new academic session starting up, such initiative at Playshaala khambhalia’s work with other school is a huge learning experience for the recipient children, and maybe more so for the contributing city school children.

The most important one, of course, is about taking action for change.

The aim is simple—to sensitize and make the little ones aware about the world they don’t see, but that exists all the same. With simple ideas, Playshaala Khambhalia makes them realize the value of things that they take for granted.

Inspired Giving


Such drive highlights that when children engage in such activities, taking a lead in the process of change, it gives them a valuable firsthand experience of taking action.

For us, these are the real barometers of the impact of our teachings!


“When you reach out to those in need, do not be surprised if the essential meaning of something occurs.” 

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