On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October, like most years we will be celebrating by either relaxing at home or going to the mall or being busy like any other day. However, we should spend some time why is Gandhiji still a significant person for the world and why do we remember him still today? We don’t necessarily need to ape him but we must learn from him by introspecting our life as what kind of legacy we want to leave behind for our next generation? I have always noticed, All of us often discusses the big issues including Climate change, Terrorism, Religious polarization, Caste politics, Neopotism, Corruption etc;

Now, Just for a MINUTE, think of a time where all above-aforementioned issues get resolved or our world doesn’t have to worry about climate change or terrorism or corrupt politicians.

Do you really think we are going to leave a better future for our child?

My answer is probably NO,  we are still not going to have a safe and sound future for our generation.

We as a 21st Century generation enjoying the greatest comforts of life (something only God used to enjoy it – telepathy, flying, seeing the world in your palms) I mean technology has given us greatest comforts in the known history of mankind but can we claim we are the happiest generation? The answer is still probably NO.

We as a nation, society, community, parents, education provider, as a whole our prime duty is to grow our child’s conscience as this will be the guiding beacon in leading his/her life in the most blissful and gratifying way.

What is Conscience?

As per Google’s dictionary – “a person’s moral sense of right and wrong viewed as acting as a guide to one’s behavior.”

“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within me. And even though I have to face the prospect of being a minority of one, I humbly believe I have the courage to be in such a hopeless minority.” ― M K Gandhi

Few lines to illustrate our conscience of the current world we live in

Sometimes when I talk to myself, away from all the chaos surrounding me,
I visit my conscience to see if it is still breathing,
But among all the comforts, I feel, it is dying a little every day.

When I pay for a meal in a fancy restaurant,
I suddenly realize an amount which is perhaps the monthly income of the guard who holds the door open
Soon I shrug away that thought in my hectic life
but it kills me a little seeing the disparity.

Fast-food Restaurants as Planet's Largest Youth Population Boost Demand
Courtesy: Getty Images

Sometimes When I visit the market to buy vegetables from the vendor
And his son weighs the potatoes
A small child, who should be studying at school ( I think for a minute feeling bad)
But Soon I look the other way as if nothing is wrong.

Courtesy: Uday Aditya Kashyap

When I am decked up in designer clothes, An attire that cost a fortune
And I see child and women at the crossing in tatters,
trying unsuccessfully to save their dignity,
I immediately roll up my window but deep down, It kills me a little.


When I go to the shopping mall to buy expensive gifts for my children
On return, I see half clad children with an empty stomach and hungry eyes
selling flowers at the signal,
I try to salve my conscience by buying some, yet deep down It kills me a little.

hungry eyes
Courtesy: Shital

When my sick maid sends her daughter to work making her bunk school
I know I should tell her to go back But I look at the loaded sink and dirty dishes
And I tell myself that is just for a couple of days but deep down It kills me a little.

Maid in India – Abhishek Garg

In today’s time, when I still keep seeing cases of dowry, physical abuse of women in society by educated people,
One questions, are we illiterate educated modern human beings? or just an illusion of goodness,
Daily echo of such sentiments makes me cringe to my core

When I hear about a rape or an abuse of a child,
I feel sad, yet a little thankful that it’s not my child
Such thoughts often suffocate me when I see myself in the mirror

Child Abuse

When people fight over caste, creed, and religion I feel hurt and helpless
I tell myself that my country is going to the ashes
I blame the corrupt politicians absolving myself of all responsibilities

The rise of Caste politics

When my country is choked, breathing is as dangerous as having cancer,
Despite, I will use my car to travel every day
Not taking the public transport, comforting myself that one car won’t make a difference, but deep down, I know I am also responsible for this mess

India’s Most Polluted

When I see piles of garbage, tons of potholes in my town,
I blame corrupt corporators,
Without realizing that I am the one who voted for them


So when in the dark of the night, I visit my conscience
And find it is still breathing, I am SHOCKED
As with my own hands, Daily, bit by bit, I am killing it knowingly.

“One can fool everyone but no guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it.” ― Oscar Wilde

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